Well, folks, here it is. Below you will find a collection of our favorite images from 2015. I will be totally honest in saying that “best of” posts are incredibly hard to come up with. The truth is, we love everything we put on our blog wholeheartedly, otherwise, you wouldn’t see any of this content in the first place. So, with that, the idea of going through every single shoot we had for the year and trying to discern, for a myriad of reasons, which singular images stand out as our favorites, it’s borderline impossible.

What you will find is a variety of frames. Some shoots have more than others. Some of the selected images weren’t even the products of a shoot. For example, a few are just frames from some of the many Sunday afternoon drives Whit and I love to take when we have down time. There’s little to no rhyme or reason and no grand intent for the overall flow of what we’ve chosen. It really just boils down to what jumped out at us as we went through everything for the year. I am sure there are plenty of frames we completely overlooked, but that’s alright.

2015 has been our absolute best year yet. The truth is, we fell well below our intended goal on bookings. We wanted to hit 25, we ended with 13. However, all 13 were awesome weddings and a few of those really opened a lot of doors for us, setting us on a course we never thought imaginable. It’s safe to say that 2015 has been wonderful to us in so many ways. We got to travel more in this one year than we have in our entire lives combined. We shot weddings and engagements in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas, New York, Alabama, California, Connecticut, and more. It’s crazy to us, honestly. We never thought we’d get to this point and it still doesn’t seem like this year actually happened.

As many of you know, we are relocating to Brooklyn after the first of the year; last week of March to be exact. This is something that we cannot believe is actually happening, but we are more excited than words could ever explain. Thanks to the help of some really wonderful friends in the wedding industry, including two couples in particular (the whole reason we even went East this year in the first place), this move should go quite smoothly. We are so very grateful to know our 2016 is shaping up beautifully with 17 weddings already booked and 11 of those being on the East Coast alone. To say we are grateful is an understatement. We feel so fortunate to not only be surrounded by our supportive family and friends, but to also have a network of kick ass photographers and industry folk already on the East Coast who want to see us succeed as much as we do. It’s crazy, we’re exceptionally lucky, and we want all of those people to know how much we appreciate them and cannot thank them enough for their continued help and support.

Last, we want to give the biggest thank you to the most important people – our couples. Without you guys, we don’t exist. Without your belief in our work and your trust for what we do, we would have nothing to show. You guys have given us an incredibly loud voice and we are forever grateful for each of you. You have given us direction and purpose in life; you’ve given us a chance to work for ourselves and succeed on our own. The recipe begins with you guys, you’re the most important part, and we cannot say thank you enough. You make us feel blessed and that’s a huge feeling that makes our hearts burst with excitement. Again, thank you for making all of this possible.

Until next year, have a wonderful holiday season filled with happiness and all those you love.

Take care and talk soon,

-Aaron & Whit


Beautiful work! So proud of you two!

This is stunning. Love the overall mood of your shots. Congrats!

An incredible year of growth and good times.. you two are awesome.. and very inspirational.. please dont stop being yourselves. I cant wait to see what 2016 brings you both.

Looks great guys!!!

Killer work guys! Looking forward to more of your posts.

Seriously killer. Love your work, guys. This makes me look forward to putting the end of the year post together instead of dreading it, love seeing all sorts of photos all in one space.

Bravo guys!!!! Big hugs from Madrid