Will and Rory live in LA, but decided on an East Coast wedding at Rory’s childhood home just outside of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. This was our first trip to the area and we instantly fell in love. One of the coolest things about moving to the East Coast, at least for us, is the amount of historical significance that lives here. It seems like every other weekend we are afforded the privilege to work with an amazing couple in some new and awesome place. Well, I say new, but I really just mean new to us. Will and Rory’s wedding was no exception in that regard. We got to spend time with two wildly cool people, their lovely family and friends, and all of it in a beautiful, historically ripe area.

This was one of those weddings where you absorb everything that’s happening and feel so lucky to be a part of it all. The amount of love and authenticity from everyone involved was palpable and became even more evident once Rory and Will read their vows to one another. The ceremony was officiated by Will’s brother who was not only an incredibly rad guy, but a rad guy who looked an awful lot like Jimmy Darmody from Boardwalk Empire – If you’re familiar with that comparison, then you know it only means one thing: Cool. Very, very cool. You wouldn’t know he’d never officiated before considering how he performed. He absolutely knocked it out of the park and killed it with his brand of humor and apropos quips about his experiences growing up with his brother, Will, and welcoming Rory into his life. Then there’s Rory’s brother, who’s also an exceptional human. This guy checked on us numerous times throughout the night to make sure we’d eaten, had a good time, and more. This is never anything a guest, let alone a vital player in a wedding day, needs to do, but there will never be words for how much we appreciate it. He also delivered a stellar reading during the ceremony.

The location of Rory’s parents home couldn’t have been better place for all of this to take place. Portsmouth, NH, is already cool, but having the wedding in such a private and personal setting is the best way to do it. The ceremony was held in a patch of woods just behind the house underneath what I believe was an Oak tree. But don’t quote me on that because I am not a botanist. Not even close.

From that point on, it was time to enjoy and take in the evening. The weather was right on, too. It was mildly humid, but not enough to even remotely stifle this day. And one of our favorite things is that we finally got to make a shot happen that we’ve been dying to execute for almost two years now! We were presented with the perfect scene and conditions to make it happen. We’re lucky that our couples are so cool and trust our vision. It’s not always the easiest or most exciting thing to be pulled aside from your party when you’re having a blast, but when couples are willing to take those extra few minutes, the results are so worth it as they were here. I can definitely say Will and Rory hold the torch for our favorite parting shot to date. You’ll see it at the end!

All of that said, I think this story is an exceptional one that you will greatly enjoy. Take a few minutes to experience Will and Rory’s wedding day below!

Take care and talk soon!

-Aaron & Whit

Coordinator/Planner: Heidi Brissette at Seacoast Harbor Events www.SHEluxewed.com
Hair/Makeup: Christina at Red Hair of York, ME. Makeup done by Natalia Giacomelli (wedding guest!). 
Florals: Flower Kiosk http://www.flowerkiosk.com/
Dress maker: Mikaella http://www.mikaellabridal.com/
Cake baker: Our caterer made!
Catering: Dandelion Catering http://www.dandelioncatering.com/
DJ: Sounds Buono http://soundsbuono.com/
Acoustic performer: Rob Thomas http://www.rcthomasmusic.com/