Wedding Info

Since 2012, we’ve been committed to capturing raw, genuine moments for countless amazing couples all over the country. Your day is filled with subtleties that can get lost in the swirl of emotions – That is why we are there. Our role is to make incredible photos while ensuring your ability to relax and enjoy yourself with the full trust and confidence that both you and your memories are in good hands.

Our work receives its oxygen from authenticity. As artists whose chosen medium is photography, our work does not fit within the traditional mold. We’re never going to put you in cheesy poses, nor will we ever ask you to fake anything. That’s because we wholeheartedly believe that creating art requires commitment and team work just as documenting the true soul of a moment, big or small, requires trust and a connection between you and us.

Based in Brooklyn, New York, we document weddings across the East Coast from NYC to Boston to Philly to Upstate and all over the US. Over the past seven years, we’ve thrived beyond our wildest imaginations. And that’s because our honest approach and commitment to moments resonates with the people who get it. Our couples understand that what we do is centered on two fundamental applications of photography: Art & Documentation. Our love for this path is rooted in marrying the sharp style of refined editorial photography with the unbridled realness of honest photojournalism.

That means we get involved. We love to know you, your families, friends, and guests. So don’t be surprised if you see us chatting with the fine souls at your wedding or catching a groove on the dance floor as we shoot. For us, it’s about making your day an immersive experience, of which, we are forever privileged to be a part. With us, it’s no frills, no gimmicks, just awesome photos.


We believe that everyone should have an exceptional time on your wedding day, most importantly you. Having shot countless weddings across 20 states with over seven years experience, you can breathe easy knowing you’re with two photographers who are not only well-experiened, but also completely invested in you and your day. Having been on both sides of the wedding photography experience, we fully understand and appreciate the gravity of documenting such an important day. We’ll cover your wedding day from start to finish with the utmost love and attention because we know just how much what we do matters to you and your loved ones.

We like to keep things simple. We offer two standard wedding day collections – 6 hours and 8 hours, respectively, and our couples can always add more time if needed. In addition to our wedding day options, we offer a 3.5 hour elopement package as well. Our books come a la carte, including a new design option where we create your album layout for you, but you can print at your preferred lab of choice (this is a great way for our couples to save on album costs). We’d love to hop on the phone and learn all about your plans while getting to know one another. Get in touch now by using our contact form in the menu above or by emailing us directly at to request our full pricing guide. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Areas Served
We call Brooklyn, NY, home, but we’ve collaborated with couples all over the country. We’re adventurers at heart and jump at any opportunity to explore new landscapes and experiences with the amazing couples who provide us with the privilege of being a part of their day. There aren’t many places we won’t go, so please get in touch with your out of state, or out of country wedding. Let’s talk and see how we can help you and your incredible day.