We celebrated our five year wedding Anniversary on Friday, June 20th. For the occasion, we went to Colorado from Friday to Wednesday and had an amazing time. We spent a few days in Denver and a couple in Estes Park. We now know that ALL of our time should be spent in Estes and that’s what we will do next time we head out there. Haha. That said, we were so captivated with everything. We just couldn’t stop taking photos because everything around us was so, so gorgeous.

We skipped around to a number of places, but the best were Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park, hands down. While there, we enjoyed an awesome trail ride in Estes where we went to the top of a smaller mountain, or huge bluff, however you want to look at it, and probably covered around 6 or 7 miles total. It was so cool. The weather was fantastic, too. Really, all we did was explore and it was perfect. Mother Nature also gave us some amazing displays as you will see when you get through the photos. Though we never got to see more than elk, chipmunks, and ground squirrels, we can’t complain at all about the wildlife. Maybe next time we will see one of those elusive bears or mountain lions. We also had a fun engagement shoot in the Denver and Boulder areas and that will be hitting the blog in the next week or two.

Colorado was an amazing experience and it was the perfect getaway for our five year anniversary. We really look forward to going back soon. We hope you guys enjoy the photos.

Take care and talk soon!

-Aaron & Whit


D’awww wittle baby chipmunk.

We are headed to the same spot in early August, Estes Park for a week…. how was the weather? Looks like you are dressed kinda warm. Great shots! I hope to get some as good as yours 🙂

Amazing shots!

Those clouds, though! Amazing shots. I love the trail on one of the night sky shots, too. I got that a couple times, too and like to pretend it’s a UFO or some alien thing.