Today VSCO (Visual Supply Co.) released their highly anticipated new film pack, VSCO Film 07, “Eclectic Films”. This is how VSCO defines this pack: “A varied collection of films embodying an elegant and refined aesthetic.” An elegant and refined aesthetic, we couldn’t agree more.

This pack has hit it right out of the park. We have to confess, we only spent about 30 minutes with it, but we are totally blown away by what we are seeing. In our opinion, this is the most complete VSCO pack to date. When I say complete, I mean minimal to no tinkering to get outright beautiful looking image processing. Every image that you see below was a simple one-click solution. There was no altering, tweaking, modifying, however you want to word it, there was none of that. We’ve always been avid users of packs 01 and 03, but have always done our fair share of modifying to get the precise look we’ve wanted. With this pack? One can modify, certainly, but I believe people will quickly see that it’s really not necessary. We can definitely say that pack 07 will be getting regular use from us. We especially cannot get over the Agfa and Ilford presets. They’re crisp, full of life, and are the perfect additions to our already rad processing workflow.

Below are sample images followed by the SOOC duplicate (with the exception of WB correction because we unapologetically shoot auto white balance), so you can get an idea of what is happening to the photos before and after processing.

If you’d like to purchase pack 07, or any of the other amazing products that Visual Supply Co. makes, hit the link below!

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Visual Supply Co.

Kodak Elite 50 II Warm Kodak Tri-X 320+ Kodak Ektachrome 64 Warm Kodak Tri-X 320 Agfa RSX 50 II ++
Fuji Sensia 100 Warm Agfa Portrait XPS 160 Fuji 150 S Alt Agfa Ultra 50 Warm Agfa RSX 200 II Warm Agfa Portrait XPS 160 Warm Kodak Plus X 125 — Fuji 160 S Cool Agfa RSX 200 II Cool Kodak Plus X 125+ Fuji 160 S ++ Ilford Pan F Plus 50 Agfa Portrait XPS 160– Kodak Ektachrome 64 Alt Fuji Sensia 100++ Agfa Optima 100 II ++ Agfa RSX 200 II Warm+ Ilford Pan F Plus 50 – Kodak Ektar 125 Warm Kodak Plus X 125++ Kodak Elite 50 II Warm


Hello, Thank you for the review, I would really like to know if you have any sample photographs with the VSCO 07, on Sun Lit scenes and people? I use a lot of sun and shadows and would like to see if these will work?

Very nice photo & preset .

perfect review! thanks for before&afters.

Sebastien Bicard

Thanks for sharing

Wow, that’s incredible. Another great preset from VSCO. thank you for sharing this review.