What a day we had in Dallas with these two. Whit and I go pretty far back with Tyler, so we were quite excited when he reached out about he and Courtney’s wedding plans.

They had their big day at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, which just as it sounds, is outright beautiful. We think the location represented these two so well. Free spirited, yet refined; Abounding with natural beauty and paired wonderfully with their classic aesthetic for the day.

This wedding was one of those events where you get to see some familiar faces while making new friends. Strangely, and quite awesomely enough, we even bumped into a great guy who happens to be a Denver transplant and served as a groomsman in one of our weddings from earlier this year in Kansas. It’s always cool when something like that happens.

We also got to meet the unimaginably talented Wesley Geiger, who performed the raddest acoustic rendition of the Stones’ Wild Horses, a personal favorite song of ours. I normally don’t use our wedding blog posts to promote other artists, but you’d really be doing yourself a favor by checking him out if you aren’t familiar. Genuine, kind, incredibly talented, and just an all-around cool cat. Seriously, do it! Just click HERE.

Meeting Courtney for the first time was so great. She’s everything we’d imagined. Gorgeous, intelligent, a warm and inviting demeanor, awesome taste in everything from music to aesthetics, and more. She blew us away in a matter of minutes. She and Tyler are amazing together.

We can’t thank these two enough for their hospitality and showing us an exciting time in Dallas. We already knew Tyler’s family was exceptional and we soon learned that Courtney’s was just the same. We were treated so well during our time there. So well, in fact, that it’s difficult to call what we were doing work.

We wish Tyler and Courtney the absolute best as they explore and grow together in this next step in life. Make no mistake, these two will make some big waves in this world of ours and we can’t wait to see. Congrats guys!

Take care and talk soon!

-Aaron & Whit


Beautiful 🙂 I love that first look, so sweet. Great work.