Hey, guys! For those of you that follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you know that I have been putting together a True Detective inspired series of images over the past month or so. Whitney and I are huge fans of the show and have been hooked since the night it premiered. I have to say, when it first showed, I couldn’t help but notice the opening credits. The sequence is utterly beautiful. It consists of a lot of dark imagery, but it’s all intriguing and put together as a series of awesomely orchestrated double exposures. As soon as I saw it, I was inspired. I knew I wanted to make some images that were similar in nature, and next thing I knew, I began a series. I ended with nine images total and I am pretty stoked on all of them.

Every image you see, with the exception of the three shots of inanimate objects, is a double or triple in-camera exposure that had texturing and stuff added in post. I would like to give a huge thank you to Whitney for being so awesome and patient with me while doing all of this. Setting up some of the shots was a pain in the rear to put it lightly, but it was all worth it. Also, thanks to my buddies Dustin and Brady for sitting in as subject for a couple frames, even though Brady’s didn’t make the final cut.

All images with human subjects are of Whitney and I except for one of Dustin.

Anyways, thanks to everyone for being so rad and supportive of this little series. I will be setting up a print store soon, so those interested can get them some original prints!

Take care and talk soon!

-Aaron & Whit


You have both done incredibly here, love it.

Matt Photography

awesome photos!

Darkly stunning stuff! Are you sure it wasnt you guys who did the opening title sequence?

That first image is quite possibly the finest example of double exposure known to photography.

Dig dig dig!

These are awesome! So good.

Ahhhhh, killed it. So good!

seriously killed it. Love this set!