If you follow us on social media, or our blog even, you’re probably aware that we recently took a trip to the Bay Area out in California. While it was as much of a vacation as it appeared, we were ultimately there to shoot the wedding of these two incredible souls.

Trish and I go way back. I’ve always thought she was an amazingly talented person with great vision and an undeniably awesome uniqueness. When she and Derek reached out about their wedding, we were really stoked about the opportunity. Though we hadn’t met Derek until the day these photos took place, we already knew he was an amazing guy and the perfect match for Trish. After spending a little time with him on this afternoon and then the whole day for their wedding, it was evident. Derek is a certified rad guy with immense intellect and talent.

Though didn’t get to spend a lot of time on this particular day, we are still really stoked about the photos we got. In reality, we shot for maybe 30 minutes, but it was enough of an ice-breaker for the time we’d be spending together later in the week.

For the photos below, we took a trip out to Point Reyes, California, and shot at Limantour Beach. We had a blast, too. It was a beautiful day to say the least. We hope you guys dig the photos. We are really excited about sharing their wedding with you all in a couple more weeks, so just keep your eyes peeled for that!

Take care and talk soon!

-Aaron & Whit


Really nice set, love that shot sitting in the dunes

So good my friends. The shots through the grass make my heart all warm and happy.