What better place than a book store for two beautifully brilliant souls to get married? This was our first book store wedding and we can faithfully say more couples should totally do this. It’s such a neat and enchanting environment for two to solidify their love for one another.

Tom and Dustin are unimaginably sweet human beings who were married at The Strand Book Store in Manhattan back in June. Their brilliance and warmth shines through as soon as you meet them. They are kind, they are welcoming, they are thoughtful, they are incredible. I wish I could think of something poetic to say here, but I believe the simplest explanation of these two is the best: They’re just outright lovely people and we couldn’t be more grateful to have been a part of their day. We hope you enjoy their wedding story as much as we do.

Have an amazing day and talk soon!

-Aaron & Whit