There’s a lot to be said about trust when it comes to the relationship between a couple and their photographer(s). That trust goes both ways, too. The sentiment was never more evident than when we got together with Taylor and Jorden. There was no focus on Pinterest images, things all of us had previously seen. There were no preconceived notions about what we could and couldn’t do; what we could and couldn’t capture. Instead, we got together and created art based off awesome and real moments as they happened. Throwing worry to the wind, Jorden made no hesitation to step out into the water in the brand new dress she’d bought just for this shoot. Her free spirit showed in those moments, too, because there was no concern like, “Oh no! My dress! It’s getting dirty!” and the results couldn’t have been more awesome.

We loved our time down in Arkansas with these two. Most of our engagement sessions are around 1.5 hours long. Before we even knew it, we’d been shooting along the bluffs and banks of Beaver Lake for over two hours and we still wanted to head into Eureka Springs for more. That’s how every shoot should be. Fun, relaxed, and honest while everyone involved can be totally lost in the moment. When trust is there, things go from good to incredible.

We are really looking forward to their wedding in August. It’s going to be one hell of a time. Be sure to leave Jorden and Taylor some love in the LIKES and comments section at the bottom!

Take care and talk soon,

Aaron & Whit


What a beautiful couple, it seems like you really captured who they are. All of the ones by the water are my favorites- so much emotion, they’re lovely!!

Jacquelyn Potter

Nothing new to say about the work you two create- it’s always incredible! Seriously loving and getting inspiration from your use of reflections.

You guys. These are amazing. Like, really amazing. The whole set is so peaceful, simple and understated. It’s so comfortable. Very strong work!

Love everything about this. So gorgeous!!

Wow!!! This is pure gorgeousness!!!! I am madly in love with this session. We may need to have a chat soon 😉

Pamela Jo DeGraff Larimore

So beautifully done…….

I love the yoga picture! So prefect!

Mark Neuenschwander

you’re killing it, man! Beautiful work.

I think the yoga one is my favorite. You guys are so perfect for each other. Love all these shots! Xoxo