Good morning and Happy Sunday, everyone! This post has been a very long time coming. We met Roxanne and Perri last year at a little spot called White Oak Tavern near Union Square. It was a simple get together just to test the waters and chat a little about possibly shooting their wedding. What ensued was about three hours of fantastic conversation, snacks, and drinks. We felt like we walked away from the meeting with two new friends, two exceptionally talented and brilliant friends to be exact. When we got the email that they’d love to bring us on and team up together for their wedding, we were beyond excited. These two just have an amazing quality and air to them. They’re infectious together and we both felt and loved that about them from the jump. It’s legitimately impossible to miss just how much these two love one another. 

Roxanne and Perri’s wedding was held at the Beacon Roundhouse in Beacon, NY. This venue is stellar and tucked right in the heart of this lovely little town. It has all the style and flavor a couple could hope for in their venue. Needless to say, we already cannot wait to go back!

Honestly, everything from start to finish was unforgettable because every single person Roxanne and Perri surround themselves with are every but as exceptional as they are. Just a few minutes with their families and you can see right away why they’re all such quality souls. And the ceremony? The ceremony was palpable. So. Many. Happy. Tears. From us, too! Everyone sat back in awe as they read their vows to one another, which were out of this world. From that point on, it was party time. The reception was jumping endlessly. So many stellar dance moves… ESPECIALLY from Roxanne and Perri. Holy wow do they have moves. I mean, to be fair, everyone there did. Grandparents, parents, extended family, friends, a bunch of movers and shakers on that dance floor. The energy was huge!

There’s so much we could go on and on and on about with these two and their day, but that’s not why you’re here. You’re so you can actually experience the day through our photos, so let’s get to it! We hope y’all love this day as much as we do. Congrats again to these two epic souls! We wish you only the best in life!

Oh! And please take a moment to check out the amazing vendors who came together to make this day possible. You can find them at the bottom of the post. 

Take care and talk soon,

Aaron & Whit

Venue/Catering/Cake/Confections: Roundhouse Beacon
Coordinator: Amber Tyan of The Roundhouse
DJ: Beat Train Productions
Florals: Floral Fantasies by Sara
Hair/Makeup: Beautini


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