Hello and Happy Saturday, everyone! We are coming to you guys today with Dylan and Julie’s awesome little Red Hook Brooklyn engagement session. This was a really great day. We don’t get to spend nearly enough time in Red Hook since it’s not immediately accessible from where we are in Queens. So spending the afternoon exploring some generally unfamiliar terrain with two excellent souls couldn’t have been better. Julie and Dylan quite love Red Hook and that’s why they chose it for their session. We traversed a good mile sprawl and journeyed into record stores, including a stop for some mid-session drinks at Sunny’s Bar, which you might recognize as the bar owned by Ted Danson in the film Hearts Beat Loud. We can see why these two love Red Hook so much. It’s filled to the brim with charm and character – Charm and character that Dylan and Julie effortlessly made ever cooler with their presence. These two were exceptional to team up with and we obviously cannot wait for the wedding. They have no fear of letting go in front of the camera and it shows. We talked a ton, which is always great because there’s nothing better than learning every little thing about the lovely humans who afford us the privilege of doing this for a living. And better still, we walked away from the session with two new friends. Two new friends that directed us to the full glory that is Hometown BBQ. WOW. Talk about delicious! Ok… I think the moment I start discussing food is the time to let y’all get to the reason you’re here in the first place – The photos! Enjoy a little glimpse of our time together. It was windy and chilly, but infinitely kick ass, too.

Take care and talk soon!

-Aaron & Whit