When you show up to your couple’s place for engagement photos and they’re just lounging in their pajamas… Too good! Peter and Rachael welcomed us into their lovely, lovely apartment a couple weeks back. We had an awesome time hanging out, listening to music, and learning more about them and the beautiful life they’re building together. I preach the power of the in-home session often and I will never stop standing by it. It’s a fantastic way to really start building a great relationship. The cool thing for us, we are still so new to this city and every single day can be a brand new adventure for us if we so choose. And that’s what we love about taking this approach with our couples when they’re willing.

Peter and Rachael were incredible hosts for the brief time we spent together. After leaving their place, they showed us all around Prospect Park, which is such a cool park. I think we may like it more than Central Park, actually. To see how much the place was buzzing on a very warm and humid Sunday afternoon makes us eager to visit again. Not only were they great with showing us around and clueing us in on the area, they recommended a slew of yummy restaurants for us to try out. This, to us, was a gift because let’s be real, food rules everything around us. Haha.

All of that said, it was a stellar time and we can’t wait to see them again for their nuptials this fall. We’ll let the photos take it from here!

Take care and talk soon!

-Aaron & Whit


Beautiful work as always!!! I lived in Bay Ridge for three years; if you ever make it down that way (such a cool neighborhood!), you have to check out Ho Brah (west coast style tacos), Brooklyn Beet Company (Slovak style burgers where the meat and cheese are cooked inside the bun while its fried (seriously so, so good-too good for me to describe!), and The Kettle Black for great wings/beers/pub food. They’re all on 3rd Ave!! Food and photography rule my life, too! If you need more yummy recommendations, let me know!