Good afternoon and happy Thursday, friends! We’ve been just a bit behind on blogging since wrapping up a three week long road trip that saw us shooting weddings in Kansas, Colorado, and Minnesota. And, in fact, we are actually jumping out of order with this one, but we couldn’t wait to share it. It was an amazing trip and the time we had with each of our couples, including the time spent with family/friends, and just Whit and I, was absolutely fantastic. But enough about us, let’s talk about Pat and Larissa’s wildly beautiful wedding day in Aspen, CO. Their wedding was actually a two day event with the ceremony being held at the breathtaking Maroon Bells followed by a reception in Denver two days later. However, for this blog post, we are focusing strictly on the wedding day itself.

I’ve seen plenty of photos of the Maroon Bells, but until you see the area in person, everything falls short. You may not even realize it, but if you ever visit, you will see what I mean. When we showed up ready to shoot, we were nearly blown off our feet. Of course, it helps when you’re already working with an amazing couple like Pat and Larissa regardless of location, but when you add in a place like this, it’s a dream.

The affair was small and intimate. There were about 12 people in attendance. Siblings, a couple best friends, and parents – Our type of wedding. Sure, we love them all, that’s no lie, but the small and intimate ones? They speak to our souls! The ceremony was officiated by Pat’s brother, Will, who did a bang-up job to say the least. I hear he’s a writer, which makes sense because he has quite a way with words and a level of wit that would make Oscar Wilde nod with approval. After the ceremony, Pat, Larissa, Whit, and I took off for about an hour of photos in various locations and had a blast.

The weather was so volatile on this day. From periods of torrential downpour to sunny skies, back to ominous clouds and approaching storms, then sunny again, we were given such a wide variety of moods and lights to work with. I actually love that, in a sense, the photos are sorta all over the place when it comes to the mood because that’s an accurate representation of the day.

Either way, I can see that I am treading quite close to rambling on, so I am going to hang it up here and let the photos tell the story moving forward. We want to wish Pat and Larissa the biggest congrats on this next chapter in their lives. You guys are amazing!

Take care and talk soon!

-Aaron & Whit


Knocked it out of the park as usual DuRall’s, you guys rock.

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