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Good morning! I’d like to start by saying that shooting any wedding is awesome. However, shooting weddings for dear friends is even better. Whit and I are both very grateful to have the opportunity to be part of Matt and Ashleigh’s big day. In fact, Whit was even a bridesmaid, so that tells you that this occasion was even more special and personal than most.

Matt and Ashleigh’s wedding was a beautiful and intimate DIY occasion with about 40 people in attendance. They did all of the planning and decorating themselves with the help of great friends and family. Their ceremony was held at the always beautiful Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel in Bella Vista, Arkansas, while the reception was held in the “Brick House” at JB’s Piano Bar and Events Center in Joplin.

All of the decorations and centerpieces were cute little knick-knacks provided by the bride’s stepmother, Kathy. The ladies all did an amazing job designing and setting up, too! They started decorating early that morning, and despite being thrown some unexpected curves that threatened to throw off the entire day’s schedule, everything ended up coming together perfectly in the end without any missed beats.

From the intimate ceremony to the whacky party bus ride back to Joplin for the reception, the day was a total blast. Topped off with delicious gourmet pizza, yummy cupcakes, and delightful spirits, one couldn’t have asked for a more perfect occasion.

Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Despos! Whit and I are so happy for the both of you and we wish you guys only the best in your new life together. Love you guys!

We hope you enjoy the story of Matt and Ashleigh’s big day! Be sure to leave them some sweet comments.

Thanks for peeking around and talk to you all soon.




Awesome story telling!

Thanks, everybody! We had a great time with Matt and Ashleigh. One of the best weddings yet!

so beautiful! great job!

Awesome photos:) great job …..

Very very cute! You guys did a fabulous job!! 🙂


Amanda Schuerman Paulsen

Love these!!! You captured awesome memories!

Tara Flynn Jurevicius


Aaron, the photos are amazing. Such wonderful memories for Matt and Ashleigh!

Awww Ashes what a beautiful bride you were! Congrats to you and Matt! Thanks for sharing your pictures with us.


amazing pictures!

Great pictures!

Nikki and Chris, thank you, guys. I hope you all enjoyed your time in Joplin. The wedding was a total blast. Meeting you all was also a real treat. Again, thank you all!

Holly, thank you. The response to these photos has been beyond amazing. Thank you all so much for taking the time to check them out!

Shaina, thank you! We appreciate the kind words more than you know! Please tell Daniel I said hello! We hope you guys are doing well!

Amanda, thank you! Whit and I try our very best to capture the best moments of a couple’s big day! Again, thank you!

June, thank you so much. It makes me beyond thrilled that you guys love the photos. I hope that for @[100000357859961:2048:Matt]’s family and friends who couldn’t make it, they can at least look at those and see the entire day as it unfolded. My hope was to accurately tell the story of their day through photos.

Again, thank you so much!

Karli, thank you so much! It’s hard to take bad photos of such great looking people! 🙂

Thanks, @[100000569432378:2048:Tara]! Love you!

@[107700013:2048:Julie], thank you so stinkin’ much! My favorite wedding to date!

Thank you, @[100000886127807:2048:Jeannette]. I really appreciate it a a lot!

Very well done!