This day was so, so awesome. Matt and Abbey got married at the Water Witch Club in Highlands, New Jersey, back in September. As the day approached, we can remember watching the weather forecasts go from decent, to bad, to worse, and finally, guaranteed not-good. However, we know in this line of work that you simply have to take the hand you’re dealt while continuing to hope for the best. When we arrived at the venue, the sky was getting progressively darker with intermittent sprinkling. The weather even played some tricks on us by letting the sun peek through for a couple brief moments, but nothing too promising. By the time the ceremony rolled around, it was pouring. When you have an outdoor ceremony and a fairly specific in-door setup for the reception, it’s hard to switch things up at a moment’s notice, but that’s what we inevitably began prepping for when a 15 minute hold didn’t bring much change in the elements. Then just as everyone began searching for a place to sit or stand in the hall, including moving the head table to make way for a last minute alter, the pouring gave way to a light drizzle. That’s when Abbey’s father proclaimed, “We’re doing it outside. Let’s just go for it!” So that’s what we did. Almost all the chairs had since been moved, but they weren’t about to let that change the plan. And, honestly, if you ask Whit and I, there was something so intimate and engaging about having everyone stand, huddled around one another right before Matt and Abbey. It was so cool!

Out of nowhere immediately following the ceremony, the weather just turned from yucky to wildly perfect. And the light… The light was perfect the whole day – Simply beautiful! We cannot even begin to tell you how much fun we had with Abbey and Matt – And not just on their wedding day. Every opportunity we’ve had to spend time with them has been awesome. These two are really wonderful humans – Absolutely lovely people. We definitely think a lot of them and we really appreciate the strange world we live in and all the interesting ways we end up connecting with others. Had it not been for an old friend from elementary school back in Missouri (like kindergarten-5th grade) who ended up out here on the East Coast and close friends with Matt, this relationship would likely have never come to fruition. So the biggest shoutout to Tim Carlson. What a guy and what a wonderful couple souls he helped bring into our lives.

Alright, y’all, I think I’ve done enough talking. There are a lot, and I do mean a lot of photos below. We hope you enjoy viewing this day as much as we loved living it.

Take care and talk soon!

-Aaron & Whit




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