We’re lucky that there’s not a single wedding we have throughout the year that we’re not looking forward to because we always hit it off so well with our couples. That said, it would be a bit of a lie to say that we weren’t a little extra excited about Mary and Rob’s wedding. It was a wildly fun and leisurely day where there was no element of rushing or chaos whatsoever. And, since I (Aaron) was actually deep in the throes of a really bad bout of pneumonia and Whit was battling a nasty cold, we couldn’t have been more grateful, haha. Really, though, I was so, so sick, Whit was pretty off, and yet we had an absolute blast the whole time we were working. We got together at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn where Mary and Rob got ready together. From there, we took a cab over to Little Italy where they were hosting their ceremony and reception. We had an awesome time walking around Little Italy and China Town just hanging out and shooting. The weather was out of this world, too. Perhaps the nicest weather we had for a wedding all year! While we were out shooting, we bumped into two of Mary and Rob’s friends who invited us up to their hotel rooftop to shoot a little, which ruled! It really was like the perfect day where everything fell into place without a single hitch. While we were shooting, Mary, Rob, and their two pals popped a bottle of champagne to get the celebration started. Once we were at Gelso & Grand their family and friends started to pile in. Can we just comment how wonderful all of these people were? We can see why Mary and Rob are out of this world – They’ve spent their lives surrounded by exceptional people. After a ceremony filled with so much love, we partied the night away and it was perfect.

Before I hush it and let you get to the photos, I just want to say how thankful we are to Mary and Rob for the way they and their loved ones treated us all day. With the pneumonia and crap, they regularly checked on us to make sure we were feeling well. They brought us water, food, all kinds of stuff. They legitimately cared about us and exemplified their concern all day. We will always remember that and we will always appreciate their kindness and generosity. Also, it’s important to say how amazing the staff and team at Gelso and Grand is. They were easily some of the best folks we’ve ever worked alongside and we cannot recommend them enough whether you’re considering an event, or just looking for a place to dine one of these days. The food is as spectacular as the people. All the love!

Ok, I will quit talking and let y’all get to the real reason you’re here, the photos! Enjoy, y’all!

-Aaron & Whit