An adorable log cabin nestled within its own little pocket of Kansas City; Two wonderful families, a bountiful collection of friends, a rockin’ band, and two sweet souls who’ve spent half their lives together, eagerly anticipating the moment when they can say, “I do.” These elements, and more, are what came together to breathe explosive life and energy into a sultry September day.

Mary and Dillon are special to Whit and I. The thing is, there are numerous reasons why we feel this way, but it’s quite difficult to distinguish just one particular cause for the sentiment. If you recall their Brooklyn, New York engagement session (view HERE ), we went on at length about how wonderful and hospitable they were back in August. Saying that Mary and Dillon just “took care of us” would be over-simplification. They were hosts of the highest caliber and they eventually became our friends. That should provide some insight into why we think so much of them. However, it goes beyond the physical aspect of knowing the two.

Our appreciation for Mary and Dillon began almost a year ago when Mary first inquired about our services via email. As we read her initial correspondence, we began to feel an instant kinship. See, Mary and Dillon’s relationship isn’t all that different from the one Whit and I share. They, too, are high school sweethearts who went on to attend college together while simultaneously learning about life and the world. They worked their asses off and developed plans. Most importantly, they refused to let the very real elements of life and self-discovery that tear so many apart unhinge the strong foundation they began building years before. They moved to New York and were soon paving the way for their future together. Through high school, college, internships, and the Big Apple, their relationship strengthened. This is a unique, committed kind of love, the likes of which we don’t see often in today’s world. They were truly created for one another. Think about that for a second – They were created for one another. It’s crazy, right? It’s also true. The only proof one needs can be found in a single day spent with the two.

It is for the aforementioned reasons we look upon Mary and Dillon so fondly. We can, in a way, see ourselves in their relationship. We can almost relive, vicariously of course, certain elements of our own history through theirs. They are joyful reminders of past times that we hope to never forget.

But what about their families? We spent almost the entirety of the day at the Fama home. Minutes into our arrival, we were greeted with handshakes, hugs, accolades regarding our work, basically the warmest welcome that all wedding photographers should be so lucky to experience at least once. After spending time with Mary and Dillon’s parents, it became increasingly evident what and who shaped their kind and generous hearts. There’s something to be said about a wedding where you’re essentially employed to do a job, yet you never feel as if you’re at work. Instead, you feel like you’re actually part of the day. You feel as if it weren’t for the very significance of a camera around your neck, you’d have been a regular guest like many others. Actually, I think we really did feel like we were guests. It’s hard to explain, but if you’re a fellow photographer reading this, you can probably relate. I think our favorite thing was Stephanie’s (Mary’s mother) insistence that if we are back in the area, we must come see and stay with them. Connections like that don’t just happen every day or with every wedding. Needless to say, it’s very special when they do.

While September, 5th was very, VERY warm and humid, that did nothing to stifle the amount of love and jubilation that enveloped the day from start to finish. With a beautiful location that Mary’s family and friends spent months upon months building, all the details and aesthetics of which, were the vision of Mary’s brilliant and design oriented mind, it was an affair we won’t forget. Dillon’s brother, Cary, served as the officiant and flawlessly delivered a beautiful ceremony. Not enough great things can be said about his performance. He killed it! Throw in the killer band, She’s A Keeper, and some epic gourmet wood fire pizza and a specialty ice cream truck, you’re left with a day that is pleasantly burned right into the memory. And burned right into our memory it is.

I think I’ve gabbed enough now, so we will let the photos take over from here. Congrats, Mary and Dillon! You two are something else!

Take care and talk soon!

-Aaron & Whit


hi! Where was this wedding at? Was it a private residence?

Hey Courtney, sorry for just seeing this! It was indeed a private residence in KC. The bride’s parent’s home, to be exact. 🙂

You guys rock, absolutely beautiful.

Truly stunning. Everything–the vibe, the couple, their love, and the photographs. Great job.

Perfect. Just perfect!

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Amazing guys! Keep sharing 🙂