When you have an amazing day with a couple, it’s always difficult to put in words just how great everything was. Enter Mary and Dillon. Our time with them definitely falls into this category. We went to visit these two in Brooklyn, New York, after spending a couple days shooting an incredible wedding in Huntingdon, PA, (more on that soon!).

The kindness and hospitality Mary and Dillon treated us to was out of this world. They hosted us for our first night in town and would have hosted us longer, but we insisted on not inundating their awesome Williamsburg apartment with the copious amounts of luggage, much of which was unnecessary, that we brought along for our trip.

The first moment we pulled up, Mary was outside waiting for us with a big, welcoming hug and an eagerness to show us their neck of the woods. We quickly unloaded our things, cleaned up, and set off to get some dinner at Jimmy’s Diner. Man! It was a delicious dinner, too. After wrapping, we took off to get a couple drinks and went back to their apartment for a little more conversation and bed. Since they have two really awesome cats, we felt right at home.

Once morning came, we didn’t waste any time or opportunities for awesome photos. While it was an engagement session and that was our purpose for the visit, we opted to treat it as any other day. We began with some coffee and convo before retreating back to their bedroom to get some awesome frames of them living their life and snuggling up before starting the day.

From there, these two took us all over Brooklyn and beyond. We had some of the most epic pizza ever for lunch, hit the subways, made it to DUMBO, and, of course, enjoyed oodles of Brooklyn-served coffee all day. After making it back to their apartment, we went to the rooftop to wrap things up. Needless to say, the whole day was an unforgettable journey that we very literally didn’t want to end. That’s how much fun we were having together.

We can safely say that we walked away from our experience with these two and NYC as new people. The best part, we walked away with an amazing new friendship. In fact, we all hit it off so well that we spent our last night in Brooklyn doing one more round of dinner and drinks with Mary and Dillon. There aren’t enough accolades out there to tell you how much we think of them. Saying we are excited for their wedding in Kansas City next month is an understatement of epic proportions.

All of that said, and yes, it was a lot, we will let the pictures take it from here. One last thing, when we say NYC got us with its hooks, we mean it more than we can tell you. We have some really big and exciting things/changes we will be announcing soon enough, so just keep your eyes and ears open. In a vague sense, that really isn’t all that vague, we are ready to dive into that Northeast market!

We hope y’all love what you see. Be sure to leave these two some love in the comments/LIKES section below!

Take care and talk soon!

-Aaron & Whit


gorgeous photos!

[…] cause for the sentiment. If you recall their Brooklyn, New New York engagement session (view HERE ), we went on at length about how wonderful and hospitable they were back in August. Saying that […]

These are stunning, intimate and tell a beautiful story frame by frame. Love it.

Love these!

Karen Kovach Thomas Wright

These are unbelievable! They capture the essence of their love for each other. Beautiful!

Stephanie Kovach Fama

I’m speechless. Mary and Dillon, I’m so touched by the love you two share, and moved by the way these photos express that love. Only the best photographers can evoke emotion with every image. Aaron and Whitney, you have brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for such beautiful photos.

Absolutely the best engagement pics I’ve ever seen. They are so creative and you two are so damn cute! Can’t wait to see you in person!


Wooow every single shot is amazing!