Last month we took a trip over to Kalamazoo, Michigan, to spend the day with Lauren and Felix. This town is SO cool and we had an excellent time getting to explore the area a little. That said, nothing compares to the time we were able to spend with Lauren, Felix, their families, and wedding party. They’re some of the best people out there with some of the kindest hearts. Regarding the wedding party, it’s actually one of the biggest we’ve worked with to date and we had an absolute blast with them. Sometimes parties that large can be a bit daunting, but I swear these folks were pros and one of the easiest bunches to work with ever.

Lauren and Felix got married at this really neat venue complex that’s called the Entertainment District in downtown Kalamazoo. It was like a wedding photographers dream! It was full of beautiful open spaces with big windows, hardwoods, and white walls. It also provided a lot of spaces for darker, moody photos, which you know we LOVE! Throw in the awesome Skydeck where Lauren and Felix held their ceremony and the place is the whole enchilada.

It was a viciously warm day. One of the hottest of the summer, so that stifled our initial plans of getting outside to shoot some stuff in downtown Kalamazoo, but the venue totally saved the day by being so versatile and offering us numerous great environments to work with all while beating that nasty Midwest humidity.

We also got to experience our first Polonaise, which was outrageously awesome. Now THAT is definitely one effective way to get a party started. Haha. It was so cool to witness and document. This is certainly one of those weddings that will stick with us for a long time to come. We simply had an incredible time.

Alright! I will let the photos take over from here. We hope you guys enjoy Lauren and Felix’s wedding day as much as did and still do. What a party! And to Lauren and Felix, Whit and I wish you guys only the best in life with your new adventure in Australia. You two are going to do some remarkable things with your lives. Congrats!

Take care and talk soon!

-Aaron & Whit