Earlier this month we got together with Alyssa and Jon to do some exploring and shooting at Devil’s Den in Arkansas. When they reached out about their engagement photos, they said they wanted to take them in a place that was special to the two of them. We were so excited to learn that place was Devil’s Den. Neither Whit nor I have been there since we were young kids, so it was awesome to visit again. It really was like the first time both of us had ever been there. The area is absolutely beautiful, too.

We spent a few hours together hiking the trails, playing with smoke bombs (in areas where it was safe to!), and taking photos. It was awesome. Jon and I actually go way back. Our bands used to play together all of the time. We’d even tried to fire something up together a couple years back, but with our schedules being so different, it just never worked out. Still, Jon is an exceptional dude and someone I have a lot of respect for.

We met Alyssa for the first time last year when she worked with Whit and I on some personal work for our lifestyle portfolio. It was awesome and this girl can really rock it in front of the camera. Not to mention, she’s just a very genuine and sweet person who’s a joy to be around.

We hope you guys dig the photos below. It was, as I said, a dang good day!

We have just a few more blog posts to share before the year officially ends. It’s safe to say 2015 has been our best year yet.

Take care and talk soon!

-Aaron & Whit


That light!!! awesome set guys