Hello and good afternoon, friends! We are excited to have John and Erica on the blog today. You’ve seen us talk at length about how much we love our couples and how lucky we feel we are to team up with so many rad people. Well, I’d just like to reiterate that notion with these two. John and Erica found our work online and we started a back and forth over emails discussing their 2017 wedding. It was evident just from our correspondence that we were highly compatible. When we got together for their session a few weeks back, it was undeniable. These two are so outrageously cool. They’re lovely souls with brilliant minds and incredibly warm, inviting demeanors. I know it’s our job to make our couples comfortable in front of the camera, but I don’t think our couples realize that how they approach and interact with us also contributes to our level of comfort at the same time. We honestly felt like we’ve known and been friends with John and Erica for ages. It’s as if we were old pals picking up right where’d left off years before. And, for us, there’s nothing better than that type of feeling.

The four of us took a trip outside of the city where we visited Boscebel, which was a gorgeous location for a session. We shot around there for a little over an hour and then trekked off to Cold Spring to wrap the session up and grab some dinner and drinks. All in all, we ended up spending nearly five hours together and it was awesome the entire time. To say that we are looking forward to hanging with these two again is an understatement.

We hope you guys enjoy their session as much as we did and do!

Take care and talk soon!

-Aaron & Whit