Happy Friday, y’all! We are back with another incredible 2017 wedding for you today. As we prepare to kick off the 2018 wedding season tomorrow, we are still loaded up on goodness from the year past to share with you. We’ve learned since going full time with this, regular blogging through the busiest parts of the year is actually crazy difficult. But that’s OK because these incredible people and their awesome days aren’t going anywhere, so keep your eyes peeled for more goodness to come from this year and last.

Today we are so thrilled to share Jess and Mike’s epic Battery Gardens wedding with you. This is a venue we will never tire of shooting. The way the light shimmers off the water, the way it amplifies the golden sunsets, it’s beautiful! And they really have some of the best staff around.

Mike and Jess are another couple we were fortunate to hit it off with so well. We had a ridiculously awesome time for their engagements and the wedding took all of that awesomeness and amplified it to mirror the strength go the sun. What that means is this wedding was a very, very rad time. We adore Mike and Jess and consider ourselves very lucky to have been a part of this day.

Enjoy their story in photos below!

Take care and talk soon, y’all.

-Aaron & Whit