Joe and Jashvant. What can we possibly say about these two beautiful, talented, wildly intelligent Stevie Nicks-loving young men that will do them justice? Let’s try.

A few short weeks before their wedding date, their whole plan was thrown into chaos. After some unintended issues arose with their original venue, these guys were left scrambling for a new location in the same area that offered the same sort of charm as their original destination. Y’all, in the middle of NYC wedding season, this is actually a nearly impossible feat. Luckily, with a great team already in place at their previously booked venue, in addition to 1892 in Bushwick having availability, they got into a great spot that offered so much of the same (and more) and the show was able to go off without a hitch other than their own (there’s some embarrassingly bad wedding photographer humor for you).

Though we were only able to spend a day with Jashvant and Joe, we fell in love with who they are both as a unit and as individuals. And there’s so damn much to admire about these two. From their brilliance to their individual talents – They’re amazing. Oh, and those awesome table numbers you see in the detail photos? All illustrated by Joe. Like we said, y’all, brilliant and talented young men.

And though it’s beyond difficult to pinpoint a single favorite moment from this day, I think it’s safe to say when Joe and Jashvant disappeared from the dance floor only to return in time for Fleetwood Mac’s “Seven Wonders” complete with light-up rainbow shoes, that would probably have to be it. So awesome!

We can’t thank these two, their families, and everyone else who came together to make this day what it was. We will always remember this wedding and we will always adore these two humans.

Viva love, y’all!

Take care and talk soon!

-Aaron & Whit

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