Good morning, friends! Today is pretty exciting for us. We are sharing our first official NYC wedding since making the move out here last month. We are about to jump deep into the thick of wedding season and we cannot wait for what’s ahead. 26 wedding this year with about 20 of them being between NYC and the greater East Coast. It’s crazy and we feel so fortunate to finally be here making all of this happen. I am generally reluctant to use the word “blessing” because I feel it’s often prescribed to the wrong settings and small, inconsequential things in life. So, if I sound hypocritical here, I apologize. That said, we do feel the way things have unfolded since arriving here, and even before officially moving, have been a bit of a blessing. We just feel lucky!

But, you know what? Enough about us. Let’s talk Jake and Hannah. Two brilliantly gifted writers and genuine souls – He’s a sports editor for the Associated Press, she a writer for the site Deadspin. How cool is that? Oh, and they love baseball with every fiber of their being. In fact, we even made a stop during portraits just so they could get their eyes on a game for a few minutes. It was awesome. Seeing Hannah and Jake together is so evident that these two were meant for one another. The way they look at each other, how they pour themselves into their relationship, the laughter, the smiles, the sheer level of comfort they have in front of the camera – All because they’re madly in love with one another. They’re one of those beautiful reminders of how lucky Whit and I are to do what we do.

Their wedding day was cold. It was wet. It was windy. Really, it was kind of a nasty day. But did it matter? Not one bit. It didn’t turn Jake and Hannah’s heads, let alone, stop them from embracing and loving their wedding day. Why? Because it was theirs and when you’re preparing for the rest of life with your soulmate, something like inclement weather doesn’t matter with the vast changes taking place in life. All great changes, mind you.

They began their day by getting ready at the Standard at the High Line before making their way over to Toro where the wedding and reception would take place. And talk about a really cool area. Chelsea, Manhattan is a very lovely place and I am glad that we got to shoot with them at the Chelsea Market where their relationship began (working for MLB!). We had fun dodging the rain and getting some great frames alongside a stellar video team, Moonflower Wedding. From there we made our way back to Toro where things officially got kicked off.

We cannot thank you Jake and Hannah enough for giving us such a great privilege in life. Not only that, but for treating us so well throughout the day as if we were an integral part of their wedding day and wedding party. Their families and friends are out of this world, too. Like I said above, we are very lucky and we know it, especially with the amazing couples we get to team up with.

Also! I wanted to make some honorable mentions here. Hannah’s dress… OMG. Custom made and out of this world. Did she rock it? Oh my, did she do just that. You will see below. Tracey and her teammate (name eludes me at the moment, I am sorry!) at Polka Dot Events for being such a huge help throughout the day and making sure things ran so smoothly. Kyle at Brooklyn Film Camera and their awesome Polaroid photo booth. And, last, the DJ. She was cranking out so many jams. And, of course, our new pals with Moonflower Wedding. We will link all the vendors below, so you can check them out for yourselves. We couldn’t recommend them enough.

Ok! Enough talking. We hope you guys enjoy Jake and Hannah’s wedding day as much as we do. Be sure to show them some love in the comments/LIKES section below! Congrats, you two. You’re out of this world!

Take care and talk soon, friends!

Aaron & Whit

The Stellar Vendors we worked alongside:

Planning/Coordination: Tracey at Polka Dot Events
Video: Moonflower Weddings
Hair/Makeup: Jackie Schneider
Venue/Catering: Toro
Dress Maker: Self designed with the help of Jussara Lee
Cake: Baked
Confections: Milk Bar
DJ: Vida Ventura of 74 Events
Photo Booth: Kyle Depew of Brooklyn Film Camera


Stunning! I am in LOVE with these photos! So so beautiful.

I love the photos. They’re so full of love.

So so so good! That ceremony venue is beautiful.