Jake & Colleen – It doesn’t get much better. We had an amazing day with these two at Brookmill Farm in Lambertville, New Jersey. It was rainy, muggy, and nothing short of perfect. Nothing beats those weddings where you’re a part of everything and made to feel that way from beginning to end. I mean, of course, we are part of it because we are the ones documenting it, but I am talking about on a personal level. We had so much fun with these two phenomenal human beings. Oh, and, there was pizza and tacos at this wedding. That alone makes it an instant classic. Really, though, we can’t thank Jake and Colleen, their families, and their friends enough for showing us such an awesome time.

We are going to let the photos take it from here. Show the couple some love in the comments section below!

Take care and talk soon!

-Aaron & Whit


Phenomenal! Completely lost it at the t-rexes…also really enjoying imagining how hard they must have both laughed in between successfully posing for all of the serious pictures.


Lori Wells Cuffari

Beautiful pix. Beautiful night. Beautiful people.