Here it is! The project we’ve been working on a little over a month in spirit of Halloween. Normally I always do a really big yard display every year for Halloween (view last year’s HERE), but just wasn’t into doing it this year. Because of that, I decided what if we just did a series of Halloween/horror photos instead? I am glad we did it, too, because this project was fun. What you see below is a disjointed series of horror movie and macabre inspired photos. A few actually play together a bit while others are more random.

As wedding photographers, people might find this sort of content strange, perhaps abnormal even. To that I say this, we are artists first and foremost. Sometimes, actually, a lot of times, it’s incredibly fun and challenging, not to mention important, for us to step outside of our immediate comfort zones. That is exactly what we did here. From Whit taking a dip in a bathtub full of milk with a painted face, to me covering myself with dirt and fake blood on more than one occasion, it was an excellent time and experience.

We both enjoy horror movies and thrillers. We got inspiration for the images below from a number of places. Some were inspired by films,  images we’ve seen over the years, even music, while others were just natural inspiration that came from within.

Last, a huge thank you to my best friend, Brady, for helping out with a couple of shots. He was a trooper on one occasion in particular and allowed me to spatter him with fake blood to play our “victim”. In this same shoot, he laid on the ground, mere feet away from where we discovered a palm-sized wolf spider minutes before we began shooting. That’s brotherly love right there and Whit and I appreciate his help and involvement.

Happy Halloween and enjoy the photos, y’all!

Take care and talk soon!

-Aaron & Whit



Er .. these are freaking TERRIFYING !!! I’m running to lock my front door!

These pictures are amazing!! Love the one of Whitney in the milk… Freaky!!

Phenomenal photos. You both did such an awesome job.

cool series!

These are all amazing! You two must have so much fun together. Thanks for sharing.

Outstanding. Some fantastic images. Love your style.

Unbelievable! Great photos!

Erica Johnston Nielson

Great job guys

Tara Marie Jurevicius

I hate scary stuff but these are so so awesome! Great job bub!

Loved ’em!

This project is unbelievable! Well done mate!

Bad ass! How did u do the hands coming out of the ground?