These two are incredibly rad individuals. We are really lucky that so many of our couples are able to let completely go in our time together. When that happens, we’re able to capture the couple in their natural element and it’s awesome. These two are no exception to our luck either. Greg and Janis are fun, carefree, and so authentic; watching them together was an absolute thrill.

It was our first time visiting Coney Island and we definitely hope to get back out there soon. It was windy and cold and rainy this day, but these two were not about letting that stifle them. They danced, they played games, won prizes, and plenty more.

We talked punk and hardcore music on the train from Coney to Brooklyn, which is always cool when we can relate to our couples on that level. In fact, these two were off to see NOFX just after our time together, which we are still just a wee bit jealous about. Haha.

We can’t thank Greg and Janis enough for spending an afternoon with us and affording us the privilege of documenting their love together. We wish you guys the best in the next chapter of life!

Take care and talk soon, friends!

-Aaron & Whit