Last weekend my best friend, Brady, and I celebrated our 30th birthdays together. Beave turned 30 on Thursday, June 4th and I on Friday, June 5th. We were surprised by our wives and eight of our closest friends and siblings with two incredible cabins overlooking the White River in Arkansas for the weekend. Simply put, it was one of the single greatest weekends of my life and Arkansas treated us very, very well. We spent time hanging at the cabins, cooking good food, drinking beer, and just enjoying each other’s company while largely acting like total idiots. It ruled. Saturday we spent the day on Beaver Lake before heading off to downtown Eureka Springs for our final night in the area.

While I am giving you this back story, it’s more so for context regarding why we were in Arkansas. I shot a ton of frames over the weekend. I also shot some different frames from the deck of one of our cabins. I was really shooting the same thing over and over, but just at different points in the day.

The cool thing is, the White River is always evolving in appearance throughout the day and night, which is pretty cool. After flipping through frames in Lightroom, I decided I would make a simple four image post that shows how the spot looks at four very different times. The first frame was from Friday evening around 8:00pm. The second was from early Saturday morning, around 2:30am. The third was shot midday on Saturday around 2:00pm. The final image was shot on Sunday morning at 6:15am. All frames were shot from the same deck using the same equipment with the exception of shot 2, which was taken using a wide angle at 16mm.The other three, 35mm.

I hope you dig these “four faces of the White River”. We thought it was beautiful enough that the images deserved to be shared with you all here.

Have a rad day, y’all. We will talk soon!

-Aaron & Whit