When did you begin shooting weddings? How many do you typically shoot in a year? 

We’ve been making photos for close to 10 years and officially started our business in 2012. We moved to New York in early 2016 and have been full-time with Aaron & Whitney Photography since. We work exclusively as a team, which means both of us will be present for every session or event. Whether it’s your engagement shoot, elopement, or wedding, you get the confidence and reassurance that you’re with two seasoned photographers who love this job beyond measure. And with the two of us comes two unique perspectives and approaches to documentation. We can cover twice as much ground, which means never worrying about missing the moments that make your wedding everything it is. We shoot no more than 25 weddings a year because this allows us to fully invest ourselves into each of our couples.

We don’t like getting our picture taken. How do you approach that?

Well, the good news, you’re in exceptional company! The truth is, most people aren’t particularly comfortable with the idea of getting in front of a camera, and much less so if it requires some element of intimacy. But this right here is what makes all the difference: Embracing that awkwardness and knowing that you’re going to have a flat out awesome time in the process. When you enter something like a photoshoot with an open mind and a genuine willingness to participate, what you’ll find is how easy it truly is to get lost in the moment with your partner. That unsure feeling quickly melts away, bringing out your genuine personalities as individuals and as a couple. So while it’s OK to be a little nervous, and perfectly normal, as long as you keep an open mind and a willingness to let go and roll with things, you’re going to walk away from an amazing experience that is fun, refreshing, and in a lot of ways, confidence building. All you have to do is be present. We will take care of the rest!

What is your approach to photographing weddings and couples? 

Here’s the truth: Great photos do not happen in a vacuum. Moments are one thing, they come naturally and we are right there to document them as they present themselves. However, if you love the look of our portraits, they require making time on your wedding day to bring those stylish and emotional photos to fruition, including the passionate moments that naturally flare while having your portraits taken. We believe that each and every wedding is its own unique story that is to be documented from an honest, unfiltered photojournalistic perspective. We take the “fly-on-the-wall” approach by observing and working in the moment, capturing the day as it naturally unfolds. Whether we are documenting moments or taking time for portraits, having a relationship and your trust is what facilitates amazing, authentic photos. We believe in directing, not posing. It’s about creating a closeness and a mood between you two that encourages honest affection and sense of tunnel vision for one another.

I don’t see family photos on your blog. Do you shoot them?

Yes, of course! You will see family photos and wedding party photos in the full galleries that we share with you after inquiring. We absolutely still capture all the traditional, formal elements at each and every wedding.

How many photos do we receive?

On average, for an 8-10 hour wedding day, we deliver approximately 750 edited images.

What does edited mean?

We go through each image one by one, curating and selecting the absolute best of the best. From there we spend time with each individual image color correcting, toning, and making black and white conversions. That sounds pretty basic and a little boring, and there is plenty more to it than that, but we don’t want to put you to sleep as we delve into the world of shifting highlights, shadows, blacks, exposure, white balance, split toning, perspectives, cropping, and more. Do trust we are working hard to make your already awesome photos scream even louder with our editing process. We also remove small blemishes. However, we do stay away from extreme editing – Meaning we will not turn our couples into people they aren’t. We want you to be in love with the way you naturally look.

How long does it take to receive our photos?

We always aim to deliver ahead of schedule, and often do, but always say 8-10 weeks during our busiest parts of the season.

How do we receive our images? How does the digital download work?

When we got married, we had the freedom to choose when it came to printing our photos. Since then, we’ve believed wholeheartedly in each of our couples having the absolute freedom to do with their photos whatever they choose. You shouldn’t be relegated to only purchasing prints through us. We want you to share your photos with friends and family freely and we want each of you to print however and wherever you see fit. It’s all about the freedom to choose and you get that 100%! We send you your gallery via Pixieset where your photos are hosted for a full year. We provide you with a four digit download PIN that you will use to retrieve your photos. We provide two sizes with each gallery. You will have images specifically sized for social media use, including the full-sized high resolution images that you can use to print as large as you’d like. You’re also at full liberty to share the link and PIN with any family or friends that you’d like to have access to the photos. They will have the same permissions and freedom as you to print however and wherever they see fit.

What do you mean our photos are only hosted for a year? Where do they go? 

We hang onto everything we create. We are quite obsessive about backing up all of our work to multiple storage systems both on and offline. When your photos are removed from the gallery, it’s merely to make room for the new year. We strongly encourage every couple to download their full wedding gallery and backup the photos to a variety of storage systems as well. We recommend Lacie external hard drives and online services like Prime Photos, or Dropbox, etc. In the worst case scenario should you lose your photos, you can reach out to us about re-uploading the gallery and we will take care of that for you.

Do you blog every wedding?

We do our best to blog everything. Sometimes that will happen shortly after an event and sometimes it will happen in the winter months when we have more time available.

Can we possibly view a full wedding gallery?

Of course! When you inquire, we will send approximately six full wedding galleries for you to review. Often we will cater the weddings we send based off the details you provide us regarding your own wedding. We want you to see similar environments and venues to those of your own to better highlight our expertise in a variety of settings.

Do you travel?

We do and we’d love to! We’ve captured weddings all over the US and eagerly welcome any opportunity to traverse new terrains with each of our couples. Travel fees are already included in our pricing. The only thing we request is lodging for a couple nights.

Do you charge travel for weddings around the East Coast?

For weddings on the East Coast, there are no fuel costs, mileage, or anything like that. If the wedding extends beyond a three hour drive from where we live, we only seek one to two nights lodging.

How do we book?

Easy! We send over your contract via Adobe Signing Service where you provide your wedding day info and sign. We do a retainer of 20% of the package total with the remaining balance due two weeks before the wedding date. *No wedding is booked until we receive a signed contract + retainer.*