Good morning friends. Just like that, 2015 is gone and we are already diving head first into 2016. We spent Saturday afternoon with Dane and Ida in their native Kansas City, MO, as they were home from Brooklyn, NY, for the holidays. We had an awesome time, too! We’ve been eager to meet them in person since booking their wedding a few weeks back. We were lucky that this all happened around the holidays because that put them close to us. Since we won’t arrive in New York for our move until late March, we wanted to make sure to get some time with them to shoot, so they have photos to choose from for save the dates. We will actually be getting together with them again once we are in NYC for part 2 of their engagements, the New York chapter. Haha. We can’t wait either.

The four of us met for lunch at Winstead’s near the Plaza. This is a special place for Dane and Ida and we love that they wanted to incorporate it. 1. The food is delicious and we love to eat food. 2. It’s just a cool environment for some photos, too.

We all knew we got along well just from our meetings on the phone, but finally getting actual face time in person was incredible. And, not a thing was different from those calls. It’s as if we were all old friends just playing catch up. I tell you what, there’s nothing better than when you hit it off with your couples like that. We’ve always said this, but we strive to build friendships with our couples and I’d say this one just built itself in the easiest and most organic fashion.

After we left Winstead’s, we hit the grounds of the Nelson Atkins art museum for some fun stuff. It was a cool, blustery day, but that didn’t stop us at all. Even with chill, it was quite beautiful. From there we went on to the Kaufman Center for the Performing Arts where I made the most boneheaded move I’ve ever made on a shoot. With the couple riding along with us, I locked my keys in the trunk of our car. Yay! Thankfully, this happened as the sun was almost gone and as we were wrapping up. And double thankfully, we were only a block or so from a coffee shop, so Whit, Ida, and Dane all took off there to stay warm and snag some coffee. After 45 minutes and $150.00, and almost a broken tilt-shift lens (whole other story), we were back in business!

Whit snapped a few final frames at the coffee shop as I made my way there to pick the three up. It was an excellent day, really. Even with the whole keys in the trunk gaffe, nothing soured the mood or the day whatsoever. And, for real, we are so thankful to have awesome couples who were able to laugh about this situation with us. I felt like the biggest dummy, so their reassurances that I wasn’t felt pretty great.

We can’t wait to see these two again, and in New York, no less. We hope you guys enjoy the frames as much as we do. Congrats to Dane and Ida!

Take care and talk soon!



I’m so in love with this session!! Beautiful!