Hello and good morning friends! Normally I love to write quite a bit when it comes to our blog posts, but we are currently in the middle of a three week road trip that had/has us shooting weddings in Kansas, Colorado, and Minnesota. Because of that, we have been going like crazy and often found ourselves with little to no service, especially out here in Colorado!

That said, a few weeks back we spent a day with a couple of our favorite native Kansas Citians turned NYC power couple, Dane and Ida. The amount of love we have for these two is immense. Their wildly unique and authentic souls embody everything we love about getting to do this job because we get to spend our time with moving and inspirational people, which they 100% represent.

Their wedding was back in their native Kansas City and we had an awesome time. It was a hot day, but we still beat the heat and had a blast in the process. We have a lot of admiration for these two and hope that y’all love their photos as much as we do!

Until next time!

-Aaron & Whit