Happy Monday, friends! We hope everyone has been enjoying Labor Day weekend by spending it with friends and family doing something you love. Today we have Dan and Kristen’s engagement to share with you! We are really excited to share this session, too. It actually concludes our recent Northeast/East Coast run of weddings and engagements. We feel like it’s the perfect way to draw that amazing trip to a close!

Dan and I first met some years back on a message board dedicated to punk music. We actually met through the photography thread and just hit it off from the get go. Dan’s work has always been awesome and when we first started doing this (shooting photos), he was a huge inspiration and help along with a couple other guys on the board. They gave me tips, they gave me advice, essentially, they helped teach me what to do. I can say without equivocation that these guys were my earliest inspirations and absolutely played a vital role in my development as a photographer, and subsequently, Whit’s development as well. It’s pretty amazing how the Internet can connect us to wonderful, likeminded people if we use it the right way.

A couple years after we first started talking and sharing our work with each other, Dan moved his sister across the country to Colorado. On his way back home, he stopped off in Missouri to crash with Whit and I, so we were finally able to meet in person. It was great to get actual face time with him in real life!

You can imagine our excitement when he and Kristen got engaged and chose to reach out to us. It was beyond humbling, but also really awesome because we were excited about getting the opportunity to meet Kristen and spend some more time with the both of them.

Whit and I took the train from NYC over to Greenwich, Connecticut, where they picked us up. We went from there to this awesome little private beach in one of Greenwich’s unimaginably beautiful neighborhoods. I mean, it was unreal and we had a great time goofing off and exploring the area while getting some beautiful stuff.

Needless to say, we love these guys. Kristen is beautiful, smart, funny, and all around wonderful. Dan is pretty alright, too. Haha! No, really, we think a lot of these two and can’t wait to see them in CT next year for the wedding. Even cooler, something tells me will already be around that area, so the travel should be light.

We hope you guys dig the photos! Dan and Kristen, congrats again on the engagement and we will see y’all in June 2016!

Take care and talk soon!

-Aaron & Whit


I was wondering how you were going to get some amazing pictures since you cant really take them yourself. Well now I know. These are absolutely stunning! You guys look amazing!