Happy Friday, everyone! How great does that sound? Say it again: Happy. Friday. You cannot go wrong with that proclamation. While we’re sure many of you are preparing to clock-off for the day, save for you West Coasters (sorry!), we figured we’d go on and publish this engagement session that we are so far beyond in love with. James and Colleen welcomed us into their Staten Island home recently and we had the best time with them and their doggo Petey.

The initial plan was to shoot for a bit in their home and hit one of the nearby parks, but when we saw what the weather was doing and how lovely the skies were, we decided to switch it up last minute and hit the beach instead. I definitely feel like we all made the right choice. Mother Nature put on a lovely show for us with the clouds and we couldn’t be happier with how everything came out.

One of the things we love about James and Colleen is something we see in many of our couples – They’re not wildly excited about being photographed at first. And, truthfully, Whit and I get it because we are the same way. We can direct and prompt any couple, but once we are in the front of the camera – It’s like, “Ugh, so what do I do with my hands again?”. haha. But, to circle back to my point, these two were nervous going into this and look at how freaking bad ass they are. They’re so amazing together and we love when you can go into something knowing there are some nerves involved, but then our couples just totally let go and end up having an amazing time with each other and with us. James and Colleen absolutely crushed it and we adore them. They’re just genuinely good people. What more could one ask for?

We hope you guys enjoy the session as much as we do!

Take care and talk soon,

Aaron & Whit


You did such a beautiful job with my brother james and colleen! I’m blown away by the pictures…they brought me to tears when I first saw them yesterday! Amazing! Well done