There are a lot of photos here, so we won’t waste your time with an extensive writeup. And, honestly, after blogging regularly for well over three years, it’s proving more and more difficult to say something truly unique about every wedding we shoot. I know, I know… You’re probably thinking, “Well that seems a bit ridiculous.” and, to an extent, you’re not wrong. But I would like to point out that there’s one very simple reason for this – We are fortunate. Yes, fortunate. All of our couples are exceptional people. The way that we relate to so many of them isn’t a unique thing anymore – It’s actually common now and it’s a blessing.

Alex and Cassie are literally some of the best people we’ve ever come across, not all that dissimilar to many of our other couples. But, I will say this, we do have a profound connection to these two and love them a lot. They’ve become our friends over time and they serve as yet another testament to how unspeakably lucky we are to do this for a living.

If there’s anything I want folks to take away from this brief write up, it’s that these two are special and we really care a lot for them and their families. They welcomed us into their lives without hesitation, and any walls or barriers that might have existed, they tore them down the first day we met in person. I will just reiterate one more time – We are fortunate. We hope you guys enjoy this day as much as we did and still do.

Take care friends!

-Aaron & Whit


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