We went out west to shoot an awesome wedding in Half Moon Bay. Knowing this would be our last wedding with significant travel for the year, we decided to spend close to a week in the Bay Area. It was awesome, too. Virtually no day there went wasted. We did so much driving and hiking, but all of it was worth it. The photos below, while many, chronicle our time there.

We began with an afternoon in Point Reyes that included the shipwreck site and the Lighthouse. From there, we went on to meet up with the kindest soul we have ever met, Mr. Geoff Bardot, of The Goodness. If you’re not familiar with he and his wife Lisa’s photography business, you should be. They’re simply amazing. He, Whit, and I enjoyed some stellar pizza in a little town that I am still unfamiliar with. From there, we followed him back to he and Lisa’s place in Sacramento. We stayed up late enjoying homemade cocktails, wine, and just having great and honest conversation. It was so nice. We slept a few hours before hopping in his car and taking off to Tahoe for the day, which was A-MAZING. We hiked, we enjoyed beers on a small beach, I twisted my ankle being reckless (shocker there), AND we stopped at this awesome apple orchard for some of the best doughnuts Whit and I ever had. I think by that point, we were a little tired of cameras, so there’s literally one photo of that part of the day, haha.

After making it back to Sacramento, we hit up a cool community get-together that’s rife with food trucks for a variety of good eats. After some final beers, good food, and hugs, we were on the road back towards South San Francisco where our AirBNB was located.

From that point on, we spent a day in Santa Cruz to see the Red Woods, a stop or two in Pacifica on various days to check out the glorious fog and surfers, including a stop for some drinks at a tiny bar in Felton, CA, where a man was walking around with a parrot on his shoulder and Nick Kroll, yes, that Nick Kroll, was just chilling at the bar. Cool things, indeed!

For our final day, we went downtown for some lunch then hit the highway to Big Basin, which was so beautiful. Really, what out there isn’t beautiful?

We had an exceptional time and we hope you enjoy our photos. All photos were taken by Whit and I. I am actually amazed at our couples photos, too! We forgot to bring a tripod for the trip, so we had to find places and ways to balance the camera for photos of the two of us. If I say so myself, I think they all came out rad!

Well, that’s enough gabbing. It’s easy for me to do that when it comes to the things I love. We will have Trish and Derek’s Half Moon Bay wedding coming for you guys in a couple weeks. It’s a beauty!

And, last, a HUGE thank you to Geoff and Lisa Bardot for being amazing and showing us such a great time. And another HUGE thanks to Trish and Derek for even making the trip possible. We cannot wait to see all of you guys again!

Take care and talk soon!

-Aaron & Whit


Love the blogentary, travel more! My husband and I had a session booked with Candice Zugich right outside Sacramento next month for his birthday (surprise!) but life happens and I had to postpone. This makes me want to go even more! I was going to ask how the hell you got those couple shots, thanks for sharing.

wow wow wow