Brady + Sara’s Arkansas Hills Elopement

Myra Lester

You did a phenomenal job capturing these two and the unforgettable weekend we all had Aaron and Whitney! I hope the Shorts have a lasting love not unlike my husband’s and mine – for we are still enamored and ridiculously smitten. May you both grow over the years and continue to learn how to be the perfect partner. And never, NEVER, quit making each other laugh or forget how to have fun. We love you guys!

Stephanie Deloris

Amazing photos! Love you Sara and Brady! It was an amazing wedding!!

Manny Medeiros

Me and Jess were honored to be a part of it all!! Epic weekend!

Rachel Waters Hickerson

Wow. Wow. Wow. I love all of these. So photojournalistic and fantastic. Nice job, guys!

Trisha Tupper

Sara looks absolutely stunning! Love these photos. So happy for both of them!

Becky Cullum

Aaron, you and Whitney did such an AMAZING job! I mean, seriously, I LOVE the pictures! What a fun weekend!

Chris Beck

Not only do these two make me wish I knew them sooner because of the people they are these photos only reassure my feelings about the awesomeness that is now the Brady family. Well done Whitney and Aaron! Much congrats to the newly Wed’s. Love every one of yous guys

Erica Johnston Nielson

Great pictures of two amazing people. You look gorgeous Sara. Taken byb two amazing people.

Love everything about this! Gorgeous couple and location. Stunning work!

Those black & whites of Sara at the window are so beautiful. Absolutely love the details as well. Fab work!

Beautifully documented, stunning location and couple, love the butt cheek 😉

Yes, yes and yes!!! Love these… I need to keep an eye on you guys!

WOW your story telling is phenomenal, epic wedding and photos!!!

Kelli Cragin

This is the first time to witness the beautiful words Aaron created and expressed his passion of his amazing talents of expressing himself and the most amazing pictures. This made me cry with laughter knowing you’re truly happy with the beautiful wife you chose who I’m so thankful to have another niece. Love you and I’m so happy from my heart

Kim Butler

oh the butt cheeks…lovely elopement!

Unsurpassed, magnificent, great story

Audrey Phillips

Loved your post! This wedding is beautiful. We are doing the same thing this spring – driving with a few friends to Eureka and finding a fun spot to elope. I love the location you all found and was curious if you can tell me approximately where it was? I assume it was just along side one of the roads around beaver lake so I know you probably cant give me an exactly location.


P.S… amazing photos! Im jealous I dont have a talented photographer friend like you! 😉



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