If I am being honest, 2016 has actually been one of the best years of our lives. And for so many reasons. From awesome adventures with family and friends, first-time experiences, new friendships, road trips, and more. We took a huge risk and quit the full time jobs that we’d held for over four years since graduating college to go full time with the business we began building in 2012. After 30+ years in our hometown of Joplin, MO, we moved to Brooklyn, NY. And the transition couldn’t have gone better.

We told ourselves that if we could book just five weddings on the East Coast by the time we moved, we will know we were making the right decision for us and our business. When we pulled out of Joplin to begin our journey on March 29th, we had 15 weddings booked from Manhattan to Boston and everywhere in between. Now as the year ends, we will have shot 29 weddings total and scores of engagement sessions with some outrageously awesome couples in 14 cities spanning nine states.

As we begin 2017, we step into the year with 24 weddings booked and only six available dates remaining… Wow. Just wow. We are speaking at our first workshop outside of Nashville, TN, in April and we are even being compensated for it. We are constantly blown away by all of this. It seems like a dream, really. It’s hard to believe at times, but we now know that hard work and a willingness to take risks can and really will payoff. Never underestimate the power of commitment, y’all. I’m grateful beyond words for how our lives are shaping up. And we did this all ourselves, but not without the love and support of our friends, family, our couples, and our peers in this industry who continually inspire and believe in us.

Despite all that’s happened this year, 2016 was the best yet on a personal level. Here’s to more growth, success, and happiness in 2017. And not just for us, but for everyone.