These two… Wowza! Not sure where to being with this post, actually. Anna and Sebastian are from Germany. Anna’s dad moved to the US around 10 years ago, so she and Sebastian visit a couple times a year. When Anna first made contact a few months back about wanting to do a couple’s session while they were in town, we just assumed they were from the US and had maybe went to Germany for academic reasons, or something along those lines. Well, when we met with the two at Joplin Coffee Co. we learned that they were born and raised in Germany. It was just a really cool, good feeling experience. While I know Anna’s father lives here, it was extremely rewarding to hear them say that they have been big fans of our work for a while now and have followed our blog regularly; from all the way across the world, no less. Like I said, just a great thing to hear from someone. It definitely made Whit and I feel awesome.

Alright, so enough of the back story. We had so much fun with Anna and Sebastian. Shooting them was effortless. Literally. They are one of those types of couples that you  feel genuine love for one another from. There are just some people that it almost radiates from them by the way the interact with one another. That was the case here. They were also super stylish, brought a sweet old Impala wagon, and were down to shoot wherever. The day ended up being perfect and nature gave us multiple elements to work with. It was awesome.

Well, I think that’s enough talking on our part. Check out the set below. We hope you love it as much as we do! As always, show Anna and Sebastian some love with some LIKES and comments at the bottom!

-Talk to y’all soon!

Aaron & Whitney