First off, O M G. We are blogging. Wait, we’re blogging? Yes! We are blogging! It’s been a very long while, friends, but wow, we sure do appreciate y’all hanging around and sticking with us. It’s been such a wildly magical year for us. Easily our busiest ever. In fact, we just wrapped 14 straight weekends of shooting with 18 weddings. As you can imagine, we have our work cut out for us on the editing end. It’s been so awesomely busy, in fact, that we haven’t even had much time to share stuff on Instagram or Facebook, let alone, get blog posts done. However, now that the year is mostly wrapped up, it is BLOG CITY BABY!!!!

We couldn’t be more thrilled to kick off this blogging spree with these two fantastic lovers, Ryan and Amy. They were married in Mystic, Connecticut, at the Haley Mansion at the Inn at Mystic. Talk about an awesome place! And, even better, they had this gorgeous outdoor ceremony nestled right into this cute little part of town. Everything about this day was a dream from start to finish. We got to team up with our dear friends from KLassey Productions, which was so great, but it all comes back to Ryan and Amy who are just so outrageously lovely. Seriously, some of the best souls out there!

We aren’t going to bog you guys down with a ton of words because, well, you are here for photos! As you should be! And, yeah, this one is a doozy, so be sure to indulge in every image from start to finish. These two are rockstars and this day was a festival of love.


Aaron & Whit

Доброго вечера,на ваши данные выслали билeт лoтo. Примите по ссылке >>>


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