We get lucky in life when we cross paths with people who leave their positively infectious mark on us. That’s where Adrienne and Thurston come in because their mark shines with a unique sense of brightness.

A few years back, we shot a wedding for a lovely couple who became our friends and played a huge role in our decision to move to NYC. Through the act of documenting Mary and Dillon’s wedding, and, subsequently forming a bond with the two, we were eventually sought out by Adrienne and Thurston – Adrienne being one of Mary’s former classmates at Mizzou in Columbia, MO. She saw Mary and Dillon’s wedding and connected with us about documenting she and Thurston’s wedding this past summer. From there, the rest is history.

When Adrienne and Thurston made the choice to visit NYC for their engagement photos (they live in Chicago, y’all!) we instantly hit it off upon getting together. After trekking all across the city, including a pit stop for some beers and non-wedding related discussion, we parted ways as friends eagerly anticipating their approaching celebration.

We can confidently say there aren’t many people comparable to these two. They’re simply a couple of the most wonderful humans we’ve ever met and we are so grateful to now call them friends. They have an undeniable charm and sense of warmth about them that fills you. It’s effortless speaking to either and you really feel as if you’ve known them your whole life even after just five minutes. We think a tremendous amount of these two.

Then, to top that off, their friends and family are completely out of this world. Adrienne’s sisters are easily the coolest bunch of siblings we’ve ever met. We feel legitimately lucky for having been afforded the opportunity to spend a day with all of these beautiful souls – Every last one of them.

I know I’ve written a lot, and it’s a little all over the place, but I hope the message came across that we truly appreciated being a part of this day.

I’ll let the images take over from here. Have a great weekend, y’all!

-Aaron & Whit


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