So, we don’t really do maternity photos. After our awesome time with Addi and Mike, we think that just might change! We had so much fun with these two and we are really, really in love with what we got. Addi is unimaginably gorgeous and it shows!

We are looking forward to shooting more stuff like this soon!

Take care and talk soon!

Aaron & Whit

Kelli Clogston Thexton

You captured their love for one another and their beauty, both inside and out! Can’t wait to meet my new grandbaby girl!

Such great pictures. Love them all.

These are gorgeous. I love that it’s just as much about them as a couple as it is about her carrying their child. Beautiful portraits of the both of them- you guys should definitely do more maternity photos. 🙂

she is stunning!! that is going to be one freaking beautiful baby!

These are simply stunning! Love all the images. Congratulations to the couple and yes, they will have one freaking beautiful baby 🙂

i love everything about these two.
the way he looks at her.
the way she connects and embodies motherhood before she even meets that little one.
it’s so genuine. and beautifully captured.