The Joplin Tornado | A Brief Look Back

Judy Neuenschwander

Arron to think you were new to photography yet you captured such a realistically view of what can happen in the blink of a eye. A normal day that can become a horrible nightmare. Our church’s mission group made several trips to help out. They always came back with stories from the families who not only survived, but had the strength and hope to go on.

Karen Long

So eloquently written and the photos show what you saw!

Nita Olaniyan

Couldn’t have said it any better. Thank you for sharing.

David Blacksher

Wow man. Such a good post I really enjoyed reading this and the pictures. I remember how freaking scared I was after that tornado for you and the homies from Joplin. I think you did a damn good job capturing the sheer devestation especially being so new to photography at the time. I drove through Jolin soon after and I’ll never forget how awful it was. Good post Aaron. Thank you for sharing this.

Sue Thomas Bernard

Still brings tears to my eyes. Wonderful post. Thanks Aaron!

Ellen Yarbrough

Excellent piece and amazing photos….and the word “ubiquity”.

Melissa Sigler Porter

I remember that last home with “God Bless Everyone” and the devastation in general. I was in Joplin a few days after it happened and documented what I saw as well. It was heartbreaking and something I’ll never forget.

Larissa Greeno

My husband is from wichita, Kansas (he now lives in the Uk with me) and I remember freaking out once when I heard the Tornado siren go off and they were all “oh it’s fine. Don’t worry!”
Seeing these photographs is a reminder of how it can really NOT be ok and how i really hope his parents who still live in the US never have one go through thier neighborhood.
I think it’s a great thing to have documented it for memory and a a reminder of how it could be so esily lost.

Jeanna M. Selvaggio

You guys are amazing. A tragedy but you really captured the moment.



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