How many photos do we receive?

On average, for an 8-10 hour wedding day, we deliver approximately 750 edited images.

How long does it take to receive our photos?

We always aim to deliver ahead of schedule, and often do, but always say 8-10 weeks during our busiest parts of the season.

How do we receive our images? How does the digital download work?

We send you your gallery via Pixieset where your photos are hosted for a full year. We provide you with a four digit download PIN that you will use to retrieve your photos. We provide two sizes with each gallery. You will have images specifically sized for social media use, including the full-sized high resolution images that you can use to print as large as you’d like. You’re also at full liberty to share the link and PIN with any family or friends that you’d like to have access to the photos. They will have the same permissions and freedom as you to print however and wherever they see fit.

Do you offer printing?

We do offer printing and you can easily order a variety of sizes directly through your gallery. However, we believe in having the freedom to choose, so you’re in no way required to purchase your prints through us if you have another printing lab in mind. We do recommend against using places like Walmart, Target, and Walgreens as they’re not professional labs with quality output. However, that choice is yours in the end.

Do you blog every wedding?

We do our best to blog everything. Sometimes that will happen shortly after an event and sometimes it will happen in the winter months when we have more time available.

Do you travel?

We do and we’d love to!

How do we book?

Easy! We send over your contract via Adobe Signing Service where you provide your wedding day info and sign. We do a retainer of 20% of the package total with the remaining balance due two weeks before the wedding date. *No wedding is booked until we receive a signed contract + retainer.*