Hello and Happy Friday, y’all! We have our last wedding from 2016 on the blog today. I decided to try a different approach with this post as well. Instead of sharing a linear story, I decided to randomize a collection of our favorite photos. This is a bit of a challenge and it’s something I really want to entertain going forward. It’s easy to blog a consistent series of photos from a wedding day. In fact, it makes it easier to slide images in that don’t stand completely on their own because they relate to whatever image comes directly before and after. However, when randomized like this, it places more emphasis on the strength of each individual image. I look forward to continuing down this road in the future. It’s a challenge that makes us look at our work differently and perhaps even looking at shooting differently. We will see!

We hope y’all enjoy our selection of images from Kate and Dustin’s wedding new Liberty State Park in Jersey City.

-Aaron & Whit

Hey guys! We are stoked to have Nat and Andrew’s engagement session on the blog today. They traveled all the way from Kansas City, MO, just to get their engagements in NYC. We are on a roll with awesome couples who want to visit this city just for their pictures. It’s pretty cool if we say so ourselves! Enjoy!

Take care and talk soon!

Aaron & Whit

Hello and Happy Saturday, friends! We have something special on the blog today as well as a brand new adventure to share with you. Beginning early on Thursday morning, a brief but powerful storm blew into the Northeast. When the reports came in that Winter Storm Niko would bring blizzard conditions to New York City, I knew that I had to get out there and take some photos. Documenting a NYC snow storm has been at the top of my list for years. The images are always so captivating to me, like most things about this city. And while there’s no shortage of images out there of this very thing, I was eager to see how I’d capture and interpret it with my personal vision. The final result, in my opinion, is haunting in a lot of ways. The snow and wind dance together in the narrow streets of Manhattan, creating a wall of haze and this sort of post-apacolyptic atmosphere – It’s wild.

We began our trip in DUMBO around 9:00am and made the trek across the Brooklyn Bridge (HOLY WOW… Brutal) into the Financial District. From there we hopped a subway over to the Flatiron and then wrapped the day up at the American Museum of Natural History before catching a train home. We had an awesome time, but was it exhausting. The cold air in combination with high winds will not only take your breath away, but it will zap the energy right out of you. Nevertheless, it was totally worth it even if I did get sick. haha. Seriously, though, it was a great experience. I also have to give the biggest shoutout to my favorite human, and partner in everything, Whit, for being an awesome companion and keeping me company through all of it.

Now onto the new adventure! I’ve recently started a new project called Now You’re In New York. The goal is simply to share my documentation of this amazing city as I see it. Being a Midwest transplant who’s always been just a little obsessed with this place, and now actually living here (still so crazy to say to myself), I figure what better way to capture our journey here than turning it into an ongoing project? It is my hope is to really turn this into something over time. I’m excited!

I invite you to follow me in this journey on Facebook, Instagram, and on Tumblr. I plan to make a much more legitimate site than Tumblr soon. But, for now, it will do. Follow along, y’all! I’d love to have you there!